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Automated Retail Pte. Ltd., a turnkey automated retail solution provider, has brought to Asia the next generation of premium-level self-service kiosks. SpotShops bridge the gap between conventional brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce shops. By choosing SpotShops, the adopters receive an additional toolset for omnichannel strategy implementation. This new cutting-edge technology is poised to drastically change the existing market landscape by helping retailers, F&B companies, hotels and real estate operators to:

  • Improve business productivity
  • Reduce labour-related costs
  • Cut operating costs
  • Create new sources of revenue
  • Increase sales per sq. ft.
  • Improve space utilization
  • Provide a new marketing platform
  • Enhance consumer experience
  • Increase brands’ visibility
  • Lower capital investment cost



SpotShop is a fully automated kiosk that cleverly combines the latest in automated retailing with the powers of digital, interactive media and marketing. Seamless integration of internet, robotic and payment processing technologies with a touchscreen user interface ensures fast and consistently excellent customer service. SpotShops come with a POS system, social media connections, remote inventory monitoring, price management tools and customer support instruments – all ideal for the execution of marketing campaigns, data collection and sales analytics. The kiosks are customizable and can be designed to form a standalone automated wall or shop, both indoors and outdoors. Their high-end design allows for kiosks to be placed in upscale retail and hotel settings, an important factor when it comes to branding and the choice of target audience.

Turnkey Solution

By partnering with leading service providers, Automated Retail Pte. Ltd. offers its clients a ready-to-deploy solution. Not only we supply hardware, software, expertise and infrastructure to support operations of automated kiosks, we also offer a full specter of services, including:

  • Equipment design
  • Installation
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics
  • Payment processing
  • Analytics

A turnkey approach allows our clients to quickly build their automated retail networks, get a head start over the competition, and focus on other important strategic business matters, rather than worrying about how to run automated retail operations. Due to low investment and operating capital requirements, SpotShop is an ideal omnichannel tool that can be used by companies of any size.

What is the Deal?

The scalability of our solution, allows SMEs to extend their market reach and improve its effectiveness to be able to successfully compete on the market place. Kiosks can be installed at nontraditional locations, where the costs of operating staffed retail stores or exposing a brand are prohibitive or where traditional retail is simply not feasible. Not only do SpotShops create an unparalleled market exposure for a brand or retailer, they also generate sales and points of promotion.

SpotShops can operate on a 24/7/365 schedule. The kiosk’s hardware was designed to work with minimum downtime. Kiosk operations are enabled by an enterprise grade software, which gives an opportunity to monitor the inventory levels, analyze sales data, manage pricing and control digital content in real time. In the near future, retailers will be able to choose a just-in-time auto-refill service through outsourcing of their machines restocking to one of our logistics service providers.

Kiosks appearance, enclosure and multi-language User Interface (UI) can be customized to meet the needs of our clients and their customers. UI can be built to integrate various marketing tools, including featured sales, deals, couponing, e-Commerce and social media.

How About the Payment System?

To streamline the adoption of a new generation of self-service kiosks in Singapore and to allow SpotShop owners to accept cashless payments, Automated Retail Pte. Ltd. and its partners completed the integration of SpotShops with Ingenico’s iSelf Series unattended payment terminals. iSelf Series equipment enables EMV Chip and PIN, MagStripe and contactless payment transactions, including MasterCard PayPass™, Visa PayWave™ and EMV contactless cards. Not only do cashless payments reduce the transaction time for consumers and increase their satisfaction, they also lead to more sales. With additional backend integration, SpotShops can be successfully developed to become points and coupons redemption terminals for malls, hotels and casinos. Payment software can be further customized to accept hotel guest cards as a form of payment.

For more information about SpotShop, visit Automated Retail at Retail World Asia 2015, which will take place at Level 4, Suntec Singapore from 22th – 23rd April.

This is a guest post by Vadim Kostyukhin, CEO, Automated Retail Pte Ltd.

About the author:

Vadim is a serial entrepreneur with experience in the field of telecommunication. He is a graduate of Cornell Hotel School, Nanyang Technological University and University of Hawaii at Manoal, where he majored in Hospitality, Real Estate Investment, Finance and Business Administration.