New Encryption Service Launched for G-Cloud Uses Cryptomathic’s Crypto Service Gateway

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Public sector departments can now access encryption data services through the UK Government’s digital IT marketplace to cost-effectively comply with data protection regulatory requirements

11 March 2015 – For the first time in the UK, government departments can benefit from cryptography as a service, via the G-Cloud platform, to protect sensitive data. The service, delivered by Accumuli and Amethyst Cryptographic Services, uses Cryptomathic’s Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) as the technology platform, the world’s most comprehensive solution for providing cryptography as a service.

G-Cloud is an initiative by the UK government to make it easier for public sector organisations to purchase cloud-based information technology services. It aims to deliver faster business benefits, while reducing both costs and dependency on large IT vendors.


By using the new cloud-based fully managed encryption services, public sector departments will be able to securely manage sensitive data and deliver a number of business functions that support e-government services. For example, secure data at rest and in transit, support the hosting and delivery of virtualised departmental and business applications, as well as secure hosted workspaces. The service can also provide long-term encryption of archived data and can smoothly integrate with commercial off-the-shelf and departmental directory services.

The G-Cloud service is delivered by Accumuli as an approved Managed Encryption Service Provider, using Cryptomathic’s CSG as the technology platform. Amethyst Cryptographic Services will manage the CSG operations and will deliver technical support to end users.

Cryptomathic is a market leading e-security provider. Its CSG system consists of a cluster of cryptographic servers, which sit between the HSM cloud and the applications. The servers and HSMs are managed using a dashboard allowing secure configuration, policy management and monitoring of the cluster. Cryptomathic CSG is standards based, and business platform independent; its authentication, key management, monitoring and audit logging systems allow easy integration of third-party components and achieves effortless proof of compliance to auditors.

To find out more about CSG, visit the Cryptomathic website or visit the G-Cloud Managed Encryption Services marketplace.

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