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Time doesn’t stop for anyone. In this growing world, technology should help safe time so it should be made simple and not complicated. At Unipro Software Pte Ltd, we provide IT solutions for various industries in the Asia Pacific region. Our in house software developers combine the latest development tools with ever changing technologies to provide quality software development services and meet the demands of industry trends

There is a continuous demand from companies, especially SMEs requesting to create technologies that help them extensively in terms of efficiency and productivity. And that is exactly what our consultants and engineers do at Unipro. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team help our customers make a smooth transition from the way they operate their business today to how it should operate in the competitive environment with the help of leading-edge technologies.

Unipro has the capability and expertise to develop customised software for Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. The POS solutions industry is a fast growing industry that intersects with several other industries such as retail hospitality. POS solutions solve many customer experience and logistics problem – therefore cutting down manpower and increase efficiency.

As several companies in Asia have yet to integrate technology to their POS system, the Asian market is extremely lucrative for POS solutions providers that are able to address the needs and challenges of Asian businesses.

Unipro has introduced many new solutions of which RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology was one of it. When we researched to look at what were the main concerns of SMEs, we identified some of the key issues that employers were facing such as Stock taking – The long hours involved, Errors in stock quantities, Accuracy of stock management etc. Stock taking is a highly tedious and time consuming process, especially with small items. Unipro studied the issues and came up with the measures and solutions, which included easy to use equipments.

The Gold RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution used mostly in jewellery shops reduces stock taking on average about 8 hours. More importantly, it reduces chances of human error or security breach, solve issues on manpower, increases productivity and efficiency. This technology has been successfully implemented for clients who were satisfied with the solution as they have seen significant improvement in their companies’ overall productivity.

On the other hand, Unipro also introduced the SFA (Sales Force Automation) which are mainly used in the retail industries to provide live updates and accuracy in confirmation of stock. Simultaneously, it has the ability to process orders immediately and more efficiently. As an end result there is a greater sense of commitment with customers and employers can track the productivity of their salesmen more effectively.

Innovation has been a key factor for Unipro. With a Research & Development office in India, we continuously strive to introduce new technologies to our clients. For that, we ensure that we are constantly updated with new gadgets and trends in the IT industry, and find ways to integrate our software to introduce new solutions mainly to improve an organisation’s productivity as a key element.

For more information on Unipro, visit them at Retail World Asia 2015, which will take place at Level 4, Suntec Singapore from 22th – 23rd April.

This is a guest post by Iqbal Abdul Aleem, Managing Director  and CEO, Unipro Group of Companies

About the author:

Mr Iqbal Abdul Aleem graduated with a Degree in Computer Science with little interest in the subject. Born in a small town in India, he was a genius in Mathematics which helped him excel in his studies and his business. In 2002, while working for a company that provided software solutions to retail outlets, he saw potential in extending their services to multiply supply chains, so he took the bold approach with the support of his colleague to quit their jobs and set up their own firm. Today, it is a successful leading IT firm in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Dubai.