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Expert Interview: The Importance of Customer Convenience and Customer Education

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Dan Reiss, the Project Director at the Etail Show, Click and Collect, and Home Delivery Expo, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his ecommerce expertise. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. Reiss joined Buckner to discuss the Etail Show, an ecommerce expo focused on innovation and best practices for online retail.

Here are a few of the highlights from the conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: How will marketing automation software and other ecommerce topics be presented in order to empower marketers and companies to reach new users and customers?

Dan: We’re talking about exactly that: about customer experience management, about how CRM platforms are evolving. We’re looking at it from the customer’s perspective, how their lifestyle and expectations are changing. Optimizing your interactions with them to improve loyalty, and managing your experience across multiple channels.

In addition to looking at the social commerce industry, we have a Co-Founder discussing how brand loyalty increases sales; and using content inspiration community to drive commerce.

You want an informed customer and that translates through all three of these conferences. For delivery, customers want to know when it is going to be there. They want to know who is setting up. You want to know you have licensed and background checked carrier who is going to come into your house and set this up.

On the Etail side of it, it’s using that data to understand your customer and better market to them as well using that data for personalization options and for retargeting efforts as well.

On the Click and Click side, is coming back to understanding what the customer wants, what they’re willing to accept as a level of service, and to offering them options. Offering them something like, “You’ll save ten bucks if you pick it up from the store versus having it delivered to you.” Things like that. Just offering them convenience of delivery as well. Or I can go pick it up from a locker at one o’clock in the morning if I want to, because it’s still going to be there, safe and secure.

So, basically, we’re looking at customer convenience and customer education.

To learn more about the Etail Show, Click and Collect and Home Delivery Expo, visit http://www.terrapinn.com/events or connect with Dan Reiss on LinkedIn.

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This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.

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