Understanding the Customer Journey: More Than Just Online

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Understanding the customer journey is becoming an increasingly important requirement for marketers as the number of digital and offline touchpoints proliferate.

ResponseTap’s latest report in partnership with Econsultancy, based on a survey of nearly 2,000 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals, examines what companies are doing to map journeys and improve the overall customer experience across an array of different touchpoints, including interactions in the digital and physical worlds.

The research includes the following findings:

  • Data lies at the heart of the challenge
    Data is seen as the most critical aspect of the customer journey jigsaw, a higher priority than people, culture, processes and organisational structure. But data is only part of the story. Marketers struggle to turn data into insights, and then to effect changes and improvements based on these insights.
  • Companies need a multichannel approach to join up the dots
    Organisations will continue to struggle unless they are effectively mapping touchpoints across both online and offline. Many respondents point to a siloed approach to channels which prevents a joined-up approach. Almost half of responding companies (47%) say that digital is driving customer journey initiatives, twice the proportion of companies saying that ‘traditional marketing or other offline parts of the business’ (23%) drive this. Initiatives succeed when there are empowered stakeholders from both camps and shared ownership.
  • Bridging the chasm between the digital and physical worlds
    Only a minority of organisations are using a variety of methods for joining up online and offline customer journeys, including loyalty schemes and point of sale data collection. Two-thirds of companies say they have a call centre, higher than for any other offline channel. But less than half of companies with call centres are using telephone call tracking as a way of connecting online and offline, revealing missed opportunities for improving the customer experience and increased sales.
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