5 Paths to a Profitable Customer Journey

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The customer journey today is a winding path across on- and offline channels. From following, liking, and retweeting to Web browsing and speaking with a customer support agent, there are myriad channels linking consumers with their preferred brands.

Marketers who seamlessly connect the online customer journey with the offline customer experience can capture the greatest business opportunities. After all, this is an age of omnichannel marketing, where interactions at each step of a customer’s journey contribute to his overall experience.

Certainly, in an era of social media and mobile technology, it makes sense that brands focus on crafting the best online experience possible. But that’s not enough. It’s also essential to ensure that a superb Web-browsing experience leads to an equally outstanding offline experience.A large part of this involves connecting a customer’s online journey with an effective phone channel—a valuable component of any omnichannel strategy.

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Marketers who successfully bridge today’s on- and offline divides will see their brand experience significantly improved, while delivering increases in response rates, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. In fact, research shows that contact centers can gain a 20% increase or more in conversions and average order values by integrating on- and offline customer experiences. What’s more, this omnichannel integration allows for more accurate attribution, enabling brands to better optimize their marketing efforts over time. 

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