Download: Book about Creating Good Content for People to Love

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What’s the buzz around content and social media marketing? Flockler believe it’s about the consumers, the people, your customers and what they’re doing with your brand. They’re the ones with the real power to make or break your brand. Because whether you like it or not “customers believe what other customers are saying, and are no longer listening to what your company has to say.”

Recognising that everything is digital nowadays, Janne Gylling, CMO at Flockler decided to print a book about all things digital.

You can download ‘The Content’ here which covers:

  • 8 reasons why people share and the types of content they’ll share
  • How to build a content hub for your brand
  • What the top social brands have in common
  • 8 habits of successful bloggers
  • Tips and tricks for coming up with new ideas
  • 5 predicted trends for the next year
  • 17 content marketing facts to show your Finance Director
  • The best social media & content marketing campaigns at the moment
  • and much more…
Download the full book now >


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