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Defining Customer Success For Your Brand

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As Chief Operating Officer, Brad Marg is responsible for the’s daily operations, all marketing initiatives and the financial planning of the company. Brad manages teams responsible for customer service, account management, marketing, corporate accounting and human resources. Brad leads with strong knowledge and experience in the retail, foodservice, SMB and luxury goods sectors.

We were glad to have Brad as a speaker at last year’s America’s Customer Festival, where he presented on how to define customer success for your brand.

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Prior to joining Clutch, Brad managed retail initiatives, drove innovation and managed cross-channel operational support at ARAMARK. Additionally, Brad has broad range of expertise in finance, strategic development, operations and management.

Clutch empowers consumer-focused businesses to understand, engage and transform their existing customers into higher value advocates. Companies reach their desired goals using tools from our cross-channel Customer Success (CS) Platform ranging from gift, stored-value, loyalty, rewards, to engagement. Within each tool, data is segmented and communications are personalized. The result is the creation of more successful customer relationships.

During his presentation, Brad focused on:

  • Defining customer success
  • Specialty Retail case studies
  • Global Brand Unification
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Consumer Management Platform
  • How to make customers more successful

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Next year’s America’s Customer Festival will take place September 23, 2015 in the heart of customer-centric businesses- NYC. See what the buzz is about – sign up now!

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