Infusing Customer Experience in Product Development

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Thinking Outside the Box- Infusing Customer Experience in Product Development

Stacie Herring. Senior Director of Digital Product Management at Capitol One gave a compelling presentation at America’s Customer Festival 2014. You can now view her presentation slides from the event, where she addresses the importance of a customer’s experience becoming the guidelines of product development. She touches on analyzing customer feedback to detect usability issues and achieving a deeper level of design thinking by building the products and experiences that our customers need.

Stacie’s presentation forces you to think outside the box. The old business centric design ways are too old school and doesn’t help with advancements. According to Herring, there’s a new human centric design for those that want to win. It’s giving a human objective as opposed to a business objective. Through an empathy research and participatory design, subjects were asked questions like how they felt about money, how do they go about shoppping for a new account, and what would be WOW? This is a great way to learn about the customer and focus on what the customer wants out of their experiences.

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During her presentation, Stacie discussed:

  • Are we building the right things?
  • Design thinking
  • Business Objective vs Human Objective
  • Empathy research and participatory design
  • From project to product management and how it enable continuous improvement
  • Agile MVP vs Buffet Style Scope
  • How innovation is a habit just formed over time

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