Comcast Presentation Transform Customer Experience Americas Customer Festival 2014

Planning to Transform Customer Experience

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Graham Tutton of Comcast: Identifying drivers of customer dissatisfaction to transform customer experience.
With ever changing customer preferences, customer experience insights typically go through continuous transformation. Graham Tutton is the Vice President of Customer Insights for Comcast. Comcast is shaping the future of media and technology. It is a Fortune 50 company worth $63 billion with 130 thousand employees worldwide.
We were glad to have Graham as a speaker at last year’s America’s Customer Festival, where he presented on identifying drivers of customer dissatisfaction to transform customer experience. Comcast’s 5-year plan on how to enhance customer experience proves to work. Customer insights are a huge part of this plan and it is one of the most important parts of understanding how to turn customer dissatisfaction into a better customer experience.
During his presentation, Graham discussed:
  • Implementing a strategic V.O.C program to understand what’s disappointing your customer base
  • Translating insights from customer feedback and speech/text analytics to design improvements to customer-facing organizational groups
  • Linking your employee program to your customer experience quality program
  • What the mpact of service changes are on customer loyalty

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