The Future of Customer Service

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In the age of the customer, executives don’t decide how customer-centric their companies are — customers do. Changes such as the explosion of digital communications, mobility, and insights gained from big data are having a profound impact on customer expectations. Forrester have published a report which summarizes the top 10 customer service trends for 2015 that you must pay attention to in order to deliver customer service excellence to retain customers and increase top-line revenue.
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Some key takeaways from the report include:

Customer Service In 2015 Requires A Focus Beyond Operational Efficiencies
Customer service has historically revolved around the delivery of operational efficiencies. In 2015, companies will continue to focus on delivering differentiated service which will drive higher levels of loyalty and company revenue.

Customer Service Must Be Increasingly Pain-Free 
Customers will increasingly explore emerging communication channels, and will expect personalized, proactive, and even preemptive service. Companies must leverage insights from past interactions, transactions, and connected devices to deliver upon these expectations.

The Customer Service Technology Ecosystem Will Consolidate
Delivering customer service involves a set of technologies that fall into three main software categories: queuing and routing, CRM customer service, and workforce optimization. We predict that these software categories will consolidate to facilitate the delivery of better customer service.

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