Data: The Ugly Baby Of Digital Marketing

In Downloads, Loyalty & CRM by Ella Simpson

You want your content to be more personal, engage your audience and stand out from the crowd. You know you need to understand and segment your data to achieve this, but how can you make these big tasks achievable? (And on top of the day job!).

Nick Crawford, Account Director at RedEye has put together the ultimate guide to understanding the steps to progressing from the basics of good email through to fully personalised multi-channel deployment, making it an essential read for today’s digital marketers.

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Back in January, Matthew Kelleher, CCO at RedEye, discussed how data is still perceived as the ugly baby of digital marketing. Multi-channel personalisation can unlock your data’s potential. Many clients recognise this potential in their own business, but aren’t sure what the next steps are or feel that the next steps are too big to achieve

The guide sets out a six phase development plan, from the basics of good email to fully personalised multi-channel deployment:

  • Phase 1: Set up
  • Phase 2: Email Programme & Development
  • Phase 3: eCRM Development
  • Phase 4: Segmentation & Enhanced Personalisation
  • Phase 5: Increasing Engagement & Mailable Volume
  • Phase 6: Fully Personalised Multi-channel Deployment

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