How to make 99% of your budget work harder

In In-Store technology, Omnichannel, The Mobile Customer by Freya Smale

Extract taken from the Rakuten Marketing Report on Omnichannel Marketing & Attribution.

Have you ever pulled up a coupon on your mobile phone while shopping at a store, only to find you are not able to use it because your store isn’t eligible? Our money is on yes.

What about when you’ve switched from your tablet to your desktop or smartphone to complete a purchase … and then you get an email 24 hours later saying ‘you left something in your cart.’ Not only do you have a mild panic attack that your order didn’t go through, but now you’re also slightly disappointed by the experience you just had with the brand.

As a marketer, frustration is the last thing you want people to experience, because winning back displeased consumers is not easy. It is essential to your business that the consumer has a seamless interaction with your brand. Delivering an omnichannel experience is key.

[pullquote type=”right”]Today’s modern shopper moves continuously from mobile to tablet to desktop to in-store. They shop when they want and how they want. We recognize that technology can be chaotic and trying to reach shoppers throughout their journey is challenging.[/pullquote]

But there’s a better way to look at it: through the omnichannel lens. As marketers, we can’t keep viewing our marketing in siloes. There are no channels from a consumer perspective.

In this report, we examine how you can make 99% of your budget work harder through organizational adjustments, marketing optimization and measurement.

Download the Rakuten Marketing Report on Omnichannel Marketing & Attribution to find out more about:

  • The Move Towards Omnichannel
  • Whose Sale is it?
  • Finding Harmony
  • It’s About Consolidation
  • Is Your Organization Ready for the Shift?

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