America’s Customer Festival: LIVE FROM THE EVENT- Rational & Emotional Loyalty

In Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Loyalty & CRM by Kim Xrossing

A big part of creating loyalty programs  is understanding rational and emotional loyalty.

Here at America’s Customer Festival 2015, Ronit Soen, Head of Marketing, Idomoo presented on how personalized video experience can get your customer’s attention in a polygamous loyalty scenario.

Normal textual messages are not exactly breathtaking. The channel that reaches consumers more on an emotional level is through personalized videos. Idomoo brings together the power of video and the effectiveness of personalization to create a new form of storytelling. Personalized video can bring emotion to a product and is able to touch people on a level they can understand allowing them to act more.

One case study presented by Idomoo was the Cadbury Glow Case Study where #MakeTheMomentGlow reached around 1.6 million timelines and #GlowMoment reached around 17 million with over 5k tweets after their personalized video was released.

Personalized video campaigns have the ability to gain in 4 different dimensions- engagement, satisfaction, action, and business.” -Ronit Soen

Following her was Kristin Cardona, Director of Loyalty, Hilton Worldwide on her topic: Hilton HHonors difference- secrets of delivering consistent experiences across a global portfolio.

Hilton HHonors is a leader with their loyalty program. With this constantly changing industry, they have advanced their data tools and enhanced their partnerships including launching a partnership with Uber and Live Nation. They have also engaged with their customers beyond their front desk. One of the best engagement tools for them is through Twitter where you can communicate directly with a member of the Hilton family. Private events at the Hilton has delighted their most valued guests.

Quick tip, keep it simple:

  • easy & free
  • book direct
  • instant benefits

Bill Kinneman, Senior Director of Analytics and Customer Insights, Gilt Groupe then presented on integrating the digital voice to cut through the clutter: coming across on the multichannel mix to drive engagement.

In Bill’s presentation, he spoke about:

  • How to build a personalized marketing plan- start with the data…
  • Individual personalization- customer choices are their loudest “voice”
  • Website personalization
  • Importance of talking and listening to your customers
  • What type of personalization do your customers want?
  • Members want smart, explicit and proactive personalization
  • Respondents want dialogue and a better way to get the message across- storytelling

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