Darryl Speach of Greystone spoke at America's Customer Festival 2015

LIVE FROM THE EVENT: How Greystone uses customer experience commoditization

In Customer Engagement by Kim Xrossing

“I caught you caring!”

The Customer Experience segment of America’s Customer Festival 2015 was wrapped up by Darryl Speach, Chief Customer Officer of Greystone, as he shared his expertise on customer experience commoditization: how NPS, surveys and humanizing data can help with market differentiation.

All companies want to provide a great experience for their customers, but are most of them going about it wrong? Greystone has an indirect yet effective way of making their customers happy – and that is focusing on making their employees happy. According to Darryl, data may be ‘big’, but employee engagement and culture is king – and he would know. There is a vital difference between a customer-centric culture by design and one created by the water cooler.

They key is rewarding your employees and keeping them engaged and interested in what they’re doing. Want to keep them happy and productive? Ask them! A culture designed *for* employees *by* employees is one that leads to a great customer experience in the long-run. Darryl says the most important questions to get your employees to answer are:

– What about the current culture do you want to keep?
– What about the current culture needs to go?
– Is there anything missing from the culture?

Just as important as listening to your employees is working hard to recognize when they’re doing things right and thanking them for doing that. At Greystone, they often say “I caught you caring!” Employees giving the extra mile are entered into fun drawings for gift cards, as well as larger items like cruises. Recognition should always be given no longer than 48 hours after the fact, and very specific comments go much further than a more generic ‘Great Work’.

Leadership is the key to success of any strong customer-centric structure. It is important that, like Greystone, companies recognize and reward people for leading by example.

If you missed this presentation at today’s America’s Customer Festival, it’s a real shame! Don’t make the same mistake next year – make sure to register for America’s Customer Festival 2016!

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