No address? How about 3 little words

In Marketing and Sales, Regional, Technology by Freya Smale

Bloomberg Business broke last week with an article highlighting UK startup What3Words and their efforts to overcome the complicated traditional addressing system, and to come up with a system that is just “easier to remember”.

One of the most interesting portions of the article to eCommerce executives highlights that 75% of the whole world suffers from inadequate addressing. For all of the ground that online shopping has been gaining on brick and mortar, that is a scary number to consider that disqualifies billions of potential customers in very important rising markets.

Could this U.K. start-up open up a whole new world for etailers? We could soon see. Mapping favelas in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s biggest cities, is underway. Local delivery franchise Carteiro Amigo is heading up the task, and if successful, this would not only benefit the companies in question, but could also facilitate emergency and civic services to areas that previously had no clear descriptors for buildings.

Bloomberg Business: