Leveling up your delivery strategy is necessary for the on-demand economy

In Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Delivery, Social media, Technology, The Mobile Customer by Freya Smale

Companies like Uber and Lyft are thriving on an inherent consumer desire for on-demand experiences. More and more, people expect instant gratification in all aspects of their lives and expect you to give it to them. There are two main pieces of the on-demand puzzle—customer experience and logistics. You want to fulfill local deliveries as quickly as possible to keep customers happy, but figuring out the logistics has always been the main roadblock – a roadblock that can be overcome with the right technology.

Emerging service companies implementing Uber-like business models are changing what customers expect from almost any company—courier services, restaurants, ecommerce sites, retail, parcel services and any other business centered on delivery.

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Companies that order delivery services or on-site visits are particularly impacted by this shift. Customers expect complete visibility of a transaction from the second they place an order until it is received – regardless of the timeline (15-minute order or a next-day service call) or purchase ($2 taco or a $500 TV). If provided, the on-demand experience can enable a business to scale their operations, and, in turn, increase profitability.

Many established organizations make the mistake of thinking these expectations only apply to startups. But the idea that customers can pull out their mobile phones, place orders and track them to their doorsteps in real time is so prevalent, even the most established companies are starting to lose customers if they fail to provide this level of service. For companies of all sizes and natures, implementing an on-demand delivery solution is crucial to improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and the ability to keep up in an evolving business landscape. Today over 2 billion local deliveries are made annually in the US. Every company that wants to remain competitive in this space must be able to oer an on-demand experience to their customers—whether it has its own fleet of drivers or uses independent contractors to provide its service.

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