Delivery is the ecommerce company’s only physical touchpoint with customer

In Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Delivery, Interviews by Freya Smale

We interviewed Sebastian Ojeda, the Co-Founder and CEO of Beetrack, and members of his team. We wanted to know what made Beetrack unique to the delivery software space, how starting up in Chile puts them in a unique position, and how their team is especially equipped to ensure their clients walk away with the happiest customers possible.

Hint: they utilize the only physical touchpoint of a customer’s ecommerce purchase (the delivery) as a focus area in order to drive retention.

Download and read the interview to find out about:

  • Getting cost management and operational excellence on the same page.
  • Physical touchpoints being valuable in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • The industry climate in Chile and South America as a whole and how it complements Beetrack’s mission.
  • How a “customer is always right” mentality coupled with the correct insights should inform a company’s growth.

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Once you read Sebastián’s interview, why not come meet him and the rest of the Beetrack team? They will be at the Ecommerce Show USA and Home Delivery World 2016 in Atlanta on March 30 – 31. Book your free visitor pass today >>