The evolution of the mall into the showroom

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With innovations in delivery and ecommerce, brick and mortar’s next rational step could be showrooming

The unrelenting growth of ecommerce has been slowly pilfering sales from the brick and mortar establishment, and the big names in face to face retail are not ready to take it lying down. The only way to stay competitive and continue drawing interest, is by turning to the very technology that has been creating some of these problems.

Some companies like Kenneth Cole are turning their strategy around to include several high tech gadgets in their stores to merge the virtual and physical worlds. Ecomm giants Amazon have already rolled out select physical book stores that flawlessly integrate showcase products and card listings with online inventory and rapid fire delivery. An isolated study which seems to be working, since they shocked the industry announcing that they would open more.

IBM is convinced: they predict that by 2025, most malls will be showroom style stores.

The more-than-capable and ever evolving delivery and warehousing industries would benefit greatly by this development, and so it seems any other major retailer that gets the jump on the trend and kicks off the evolution of retail.

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