Laszlo Varga, CEO, Euroflorist

Q&A Euroflorist CEO Laszlo Varga – Ecommerce evolving to meet customers needs

In Customer Engagement, Events by Paul Gilbertson

In the build up to the Ecommerce Show Europe we have asked some of the key speakers for some insight into their role and the future of the industry.

Laszlo Varga, CEO, Euroflorist

Euroflorist is Europe’s largest flowers-by-wire network and launched their first web shop in 1995. With twenty years of ecommerce experience, the company is a true online pioneer and is always looking for the next thing.

1. With twenty years of ecommerce experience, Euroflorist is a true online pioneer; what do you think will be the next big thing for e-tailers?
a. If I knew that I would probably not share it. Jokes aside I think that e-tail is reaching a maturity level where it’s not the next big thing, or even “the current thing”, but just a way of giving consumer and customers the service and products they want, when they want it, and the way they want it. In many countries it’s the logistics that is keeping e-tail from developing, so I really hope that the “next big thing” is a development among logistical suppliers.

2. Euroflorist was founded in Sweden, but now have operations in 12 markets. What was the biggest challenge for you with cross-border ecommerce?
a. We don’t really have cross border commerce per se. We have domestic networks of florists and supply chains that enable us to deliver to the door, and in most cases same day. The main challenge has been to understand that the culture and facets of ecommerce is very different between European countries, and what might work in Sweden is not sure to work in Germany. One size fits all does not work.

3. The Ecommerce Show agenda considers mobile commerce and social commerce, what is Euroflorist doing in these areas currently?
a. We’ve had a mobile website for quite a while, and are now finally taking the step to launch our dynamic e-com platform. In some ways we feel a bit behind as launching dynamic e-com platforms is not really breaking new ground, but at the same time we did not want to rush it but develop it in a way that meet our customers’ expectations. A customer is a customer, not a mobile or desktop customer and whatever device they are using it should be a seamless experience. When it comes to social media we have some exciting things happening, but I will have to keep this to myself for the time being!

4. What are you looking forward to about speaking on the Ecommerce Show agenda?
a. E-commerce is in my eyes democratizing the retailer and customer landscape. Just 10-15 years ago the retailers had the power of information, and therefore the power, in the customer-retailer relationship, and it’s amazing to see how this relationship has evolved with the internet and rapidly moving towards “customer is king” – which is great in my opinion. I like to discuss this with fellow e-tailers and see how we best can evolve to meet the wants and needs of our customers.

The Ecommerce Show Europe takes place 4-5 May 2016 at the Business Design Centre in London. For full details see