Live from #ECSUSA: Jack Hanlon of on predictive and reactive analytics

In Big Data, Data & Analytics, Events by Freya Smale

Everything all the time – predictive and reactive analytics for customer-fueled eCommerce

Jack Hanlon, VP of Analytics, is a unique ecommerce platform due to their message. It is less about the low prices and more about HOW the prices are lowered. Optimizing the supply chain and getting cheaper systems in place are obvious ones, but Jet goes a step further by incentivizing the customer to buy multiple items to diffuse the fixed cost of fulfillment. The savings are passed directly to consumer.

When it comes to data, Jet relies on a complex system dubbed THE STORM CENTER which serves as a real-time decision engine, personalizing recommendations and products to clients. This complicated series goes through steps: 

Aggregation and association > Modeling and reporting> Segmentation Engine > Personalized Marketing > Personalized site experience

But between each is a much more complicated set of variables.

While big data has made clear the importance of having a high volume of quality data, the importance of the teams that manage and make decisions with said data cannot be ignored. Technology in the end, doesn’t win, it enables. Building a capacity to have valuable data integration can be even more important than the data itself.