Live from #ECSUSA: Michael Jaconi of Button on mobile commerce and how to leverage it

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The next big thing is a button away – the impact of mobile commerce on the future of retail

Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO, Button, Inc.

Internet advertising can seem dominated by pop-ups and out of place banners. But in this day and age, there has been an evolution into native advertising that seamlessly integrates with pre-existing content, anticipating what the client needs.

The clickable button is the thing that can represent this merge best, with the additional bonus of serving as a call to action, compelling a consumer to click, check out, and eventually purchase a product that is sent to them, or suggested by a current app or platform.

Example: the Foursquare app includes many buttons on business listings, sending them to pages where they can make reservations, get directions, book an appointment, and so on.

Example: you are listening to Billy Joel. Certain apps have tickets for sale for Billy Joel concerts at Madison Square Garden. How do we get the product to pop-up for that person? Some apps are already making this possible.

The button creates a layer to show the customer what we think they may want. Less of a shot in the dark like some pop ups and banners can be, more of a guided, prequalified ad.

Time in app statistics are a key metric, and a certain few rule supreme: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.

How products are sold within these apps, and how are they displayed attractively to drive the purchase. That is a key area that needs to be focused on for retailers and etailers looking to excel in mCommerce and be well prepared for the next generation of retail. Some of the biggest companies in the world are investing in this, and they will be able to leverage the returns with great effect in coming years.