What a customer actually wants from customer service teams

In Customer Experience by Ella Simpson

Chairperson of Europe’s Customer Festival, Alex Mead, Chief Customer Officer at Golfbreaks.com shared hisĀ Pulse article with us on what a customer actually wants, when they have a question and his recommendations on best practise for customer service interactions:

All companies of the world, I know there are always ‘internal reasons’ for why we can’t give customers a low effort, personalised customer interaction experience, but just think….

Feel free to benchmark against the below, and be honest on how well you treat your customers against the below requirements….

When I want an answer, As a CUSTOMER I want to choose :
1 – The Contact Channel I prefer to use at that moment,
2 – Whether I help my self or talk directly to an agent,
3 – How quickly I would like you to respond to me,
4 – Whether I am happy or unhappy at that moment,
5 – The channel I would like you to get back to me on.

I would like it to be EASY, so :
1 – You should make an effort to know who I am, without creating excessive hurdles to jump through,
2 – Never make me repeat information already provided, or that you should already know,
3 – Have a good idea as to why I am likely to be contacting you,
4 – Give the impression you care, and that I’m important to you,
5 – Give me an answer that is relevant to me as an individual, and my specific requirements and circumstances,
6 – If it’s an ongoing situation, make it transparent so I can track progress myself directly 24/7/365,
7 – Finally, I want to give feedback when it suits me, not when you send a survey, and if I want you to act on it, make sure you do.

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