America's Customer Festival 2015

Checking In: Personalized Service Meets Personalized Data

In Big Data, Customer Engagement, Data & Analytics, Marketing and Sales by Freya Smale

Every successful executive in the hospitality business knows the importance of the customer experience. The current art and science requires a level of personal touch. Hotels already know room preferences and upgrade potential for their most valuable guests. And they know the family that is checking in next week will need restaurant options for kids. However, this is no longer a differentiator because the competition has the same information. A new level of “checking in” with guests is needed to drive not only customer satisfaction but the ever complicated equation of engaging for loyalty.

The loyalty equation is based on data-driven insights. There are several levels of consumer intelligence that can inform a loyalty program, especially those different categories of experience and points-based rewards for its members. The company’s CRM system and internal analytics can sketch a good detail of consumer segments, increasing the effectiveness of the program. However, additional data based on purchase behavior will add to its richness. When hospitality companies add transaction data, they can start to segment loyalty program initiatives by spend as well as preference, and improve the accuracy of campaigns designed to engage those loyalty members.

But transaction data alone isn’t enough. The expertise to make it actionable increases the accuracy of campaigns to attract customer to loyalty programs and then to engage with them more frequently. New tactics such as look-alike analysis, predictive modeling, and advanced data analytics can make a difference in these initiatives. They can transform customer segments into a living group of guests that will provide the kind of data that gives companies the information it needs to create the best experience and the best loyalty program.

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